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The American Diabetes Association reports five-million lower extremity amputations each year with almost half of those being diabetics. The other fifty percent that are not diabetic may not know they need to be concerned about foot infection.


Wear and tear throughout the years are hard on feet. Bad circulation, disease, poorly trimmed nails, and wearing shoes that don’t fit simply compound the problems. Foot difficulties can be the first sign of serious medical conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, nerve, and circulatory disorders.


Inadequate blood flow to the feet can cause scrapes and bruises that become more easily infected more. Comprised feeling in the feet can cause falls and injuries.


Routine medical foot care is the easiest, most efficient and inexpensive way to provide increased mobility, reduced pain, and prevent wounds and amputation. Foot care offers you a higher quality of life. Click here for the SERVICES included with each visit.

The importance of foot care: 

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