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Since 2009, we have brought foot care treatments to Central Oregon communities. We are honored to serve hundreds of individuals monthly making our services valuable, worthwhile, and a way to improve your overall health and well being. Our goal is to continue bringing foot care to your home or in a nearby Foot Retreat Clinic.


If you suffer with artery or nerve disease, foot injuries as simple as a pebble in your sock can cause serious complications that are preventable.


Whether this is your situation or not, our hope is that you’ll visit us in the next few months and let us serve you with the essential care for your feet.

Visits include foot inspection, callus removal, nail trimming with a cleanse and massage. Another focus of our clinic is foot care with education about shoe fit, skin care, balance, and general health awareness – from the feet up.
Individuals come to our foot care clinics because they might be unable to reach their feet, lack the strength to clip their nails or can’t see well enough and a majority have challenges with the nails causing pain.
For a complete list what we offer, please visit the Services page.

What we do:

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